Before submitting your program or service for review, please ensure that you have all your appropriate supporting documentation such as:  
•    Peer reviewed articles and journals
•    Published Reports
•    Program logic/ theory of change (optional)

A theory of change explains how the activities undertaken by an intervention (such as a project, program or policy) contribute to a chain of results that lead to the intended or observed impacts. For more information about what a theory of change is, click here.

If you are unable to upload or provide citations it is important that (where possible) you provide information about: the aims of the research/evaluation; steps taken to ensure ethical and quality evaluation standards were defined and followed; the methodology used; how data were analysed; and what the key findings were, particularly whether data gathered shows some change among those who have used the program or service (where the change aligns with the program or service aims).

Below are some suggested resources which may be useful in preparing your submission: