Quality Improvement Program

The Suicide Prevention Hub is a gateway to quality improvement and measurement of effectiveness of programs.

Examples of best practice in programs in both quality and effectiveness are listed on the Suicide Prevention Hub (‘The Hub’) and are showcased as a reference for all users.

The Hub will now provide a pathway to ongoing quality improvement for services delivering programs in suicide prevention in Australia.

Service providers whose programs are listed on the Life in Mind directory can now register their program on the Suicide Prevention Hub to enter a quality improvement program.

The Hub provides the opportunity for service providers to place their program on a self-directed continual improvement process involving quality assurance and effectiveness measures offering a standard in program delivery.

Some programs will be advanced in measures of quality and effectiveness while others will be at various points of assessment. The program will provide for various entry levels and progression through the program is primarily self-assessment.

The Hub will enable service providers to clearly showcase their commitment to standards in quality improvement which will provide a necessary and important point of reference for stakeholders. This includes Primary Health Networks (PHNs), Governments and the wider community when engaging with or funding suicide prevention programs.

The Hub will also provide resources including practice guides and best available research for support to service providers on a quality improvement program.


Next Steps:

  1. Register your interest here to enter the Quality Improvement Program
  2. You will be contacted by a member of the Quality and Innovation team from Suicide Prevention Australia
  3. Complete Self-Assessment Survey as entry-level requirement to the Quality Improvement Program
  4. Upon completing Self-Assessment Survey you will receive an icon on your Life in Mind listing indicating to stakeholders your entry into the program
  5. Commence Quality Improvement Program