Which organisation is delivering this program / service?

Calm Consulting Pty Ltd

What are the aims and objectives of this program / service?

To reduce suicide and its impact on individuals, families and communities; to educate and empower every person in every community to recognise and support those at risk of suicide. Through education and knowledge we will empower every person to understand, respond to and so prevent suicide.

What does delivery of this program / service involve?

CALM (Connect - Ask - Listen - Monitor)is a comprehensive suicide intervention / prevention gatekeeper program that addresses suicide ideation and behaviours from a conversational perspective, with the ultimate goal of allowing the person at risk to express their thoughts in a supportive, accepting and non judgemental environment.
We have a one day training that is delivered by a person who has completed a three day Train the Trainer program.
CALM is delivered by one trainer if there are less than 15 participants or two trainers if there are 15 - 25 participants.
The program has been designed to either be delivered to general public and community members; general service delivery practitioners or service delivery practitioners that work with youth; that work with the LGBTIQ community or that work with men.